To get started simply fill out the contact form here on our website, someone will get back to you with our class schedule, tuition, and Terms & Conditions. You will then select the class that best suits your schedule, and book your trial lesson. Once you have completed the trial lesson we will walk you through step by step towards enrolling in our 10-month dance program. You do not need any previous experience- just hard work ethic and a never give up attitude!

Why is ballet required?

We always come across interested parents (and students!) that want to do the big flips and tricks right away, with instant gratification- and that is not going to happen. Ballet sets you up with all of your basic dance steps that appear in every single style; including hip hop! Learning ballet is going to help with you posture, lines, coordination, strength, and much more. You can’t read without learning your ABC’s? How can you expect to learn acrobatics, contemporary, jazz, and all of the other trending styles, without learning first position from the beginning…?

BALLET is what makes our dancers stand out, BALLET is what makes our students strong technical dancers, BALLET is what will take your child to the next level in their dancing!

(We do offer a Hip Hop Only option.)

What is acrodance?

Each studio has a different style of acrodance (same as there is RAD or Vaganova ballet). Our definition of acrodance is a fusion of acrobatic tricks flowing seamlessly with various dance styles. Our acro classes are a combination of contortion, hand balancing, rhythmic, and yoga all in one. Similar to contemporary- it is a melting pot of skills!

This class is very trendy at the moment and are so glad it is the core of our program!